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Easy Baked Cheesecake

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Easy Baked Cheesecake

A dessert with a biscuit base, smooth texture and velvety topping, charming enough to add that celebratory feel to any simple meal.


This baked cheesecake is sweet, simple and scrumptious

This baked cheesecake is sweet, simple and scrumptious

The recipe makes 6 individual cup cakes.
Ingredients for base
80 g digestive biscuits
15 ml unsalted butter, melted
Ingredients for fillings
100 g cream cheese/Philadelphia
100 g mascarpone cheese
100 ml double cream
Two and Half eggs, whisk
2 egg yolks, keep in the fridge until required
80 g sugar
2.5 ml vanilla essence
10 ml lemon juice

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Preheat the oven at 180 degree C. Keep cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and double cream outside to bring to room temperature.
Blend the biscuits in a food processor and melt the butter.
Mix the melted butter with biscuit crumbs to bind together.
Place cup cake liners in a cup cake tin and put one table-spoon of biscuit mixture in each liner.
Press the crumbs with the help of the back of a spoon or a glass to hold them tight.
Place the tin in the freezer till you make the batter.
In a bowl, put both the cheese and beat them on a slow speed till light and fluffy.
Add the double cream to it and mix till well blended.
In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, yolks, sugar, essence and lemon juice till well blended.
Slowly add the egg mixture to the cheese mixture.
Place the cup cake tin in a deep dish (Water Bath) while baking.
Sieve the batter and pour into the cupcake liners.
Bake for approximate 40 to 45 minutes or until just set in the centre or till the top is a bit brown in color.
When done remove from the oven and let the tin cool down.
Chill the tin in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Remove the liner before serving.
Dust top of cheese cake with icing sugar or top with freshly whipped cream, lemon zest and berries of your choice.

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Tips Do not let the cream cheese melt or get warm.
Avoid over baking as it can cause the cheesecake to crack.
Cool cheesecake completely before refrigerating.

(Recipe source: Arti Malhotra)



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