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Rose flavored Kalakand

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Rose flavored Kalakand

Traditional Indian sweet made with homemade cottage cheese/ ricotta and milk powder.

No celebrations are complete without a touch of Kalakand

No celebrations are complete without a touch of Kalakand



We would need about 2 ½ cups milk and 1 ½ tbsp white vinegar, diluted with 1 tbsp water to make cottage cheese.

½ cup cottage cheese
10 tbsp Nido full fat milk powder
1 cup thick cream
1/4 cup sugar, powdered
½ tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp butter
Few strands saffron soaked in 1 tsp milk.

Almonds, slivered
½ tsp Rose water
Rose petals, few
½ tsp cardamom powder

Boil milk over medium heat and add vinegar. Stir once and switch off the gas. Pour into a colander lined with a cheese cloth. Pour some filtered water to wash off the vinegar smell, if any.

Ricotta/Cottage cheese from milk
You will get about ½ cup of cottage cheese / ricotta cheese.

Mix in

Mix all the ingredients and place in a pan with ½ table spoon butter.

Cook in a pan
Cook till leaves side, almost 8 to 10 minutes. Add ½ tbsp butter now.

kalakand in a plate
Spread evenly on a lined and greased platter.
Sprinkle some cardamom powder, slivered almonds, pistachio powder and few dried rose petals and rose-water now if you like.




Cool, cut into squares and serve in mini muffin cup liners.
Makes 16 pieces




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  1. I could eat Kalakand in any shape, form or flavour!


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